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Tier 1

1. Kate struggles to feel like she's "making an impact" even though she knows she's doing extremely important work with her family and her Tier 2 consulting. Do you struggle with this? What does it mean to make an impact? Does society influence us for better or worse in this regard?

2. Do you think that the Tier System is morally right? Did Berg act in the best way possible?

3. What do we owe society and what should we expect in return? Are there times when we need to sacrifice personally for the greater good? Who determines the "greater good"?

4. Progress is a main goal of the Tier System. Do you think they are succeeding? What is your definition of "progress"? 

5. What benefits do you see in the Tier System? Are there any that you wish we would implement in our own society now?

Tier 2

1. Have you ever felt intuitively like you were missing something? That some piece of a puzzle didn't make sense? How did you deal with these feelings? Did they ever resolve?

2. How did you feel about Nick? Do you think he did the right thing? Have you ever found yourself sacrificing personally to do what you felt was right?

3. Is there a cause that you feel so passionately about that you'd be willing to work your entire life to achieve it? Do you think people seek for these causes or do they find us when we're ready?

4. Do you think Berg ever expected to face dissent in Tier 1? Did they deal with it appropriately?

5. If you could use Reversal Therapy to change something in your life, would you do it? 

Tier 3

1. How are the members of society that are often viewed as "lesser" (in terms of education, socio-economic status) agents of change? 

2. Does everyone in society - regardless of status - be given a chance to prove themselves? Even if it means being inefficient? Do you feel that our society provides equality in this way?

3. Do you ever feel like you'd rather stay in your metaphorical house in the woods instead of working toward a better future? How do you determine when and where to get involved?

4. Do you think Berg is well-intentioned? Are there instances in our society where organizations start out with a morally sound mission, but somehow it gets derailed? Why do you think this happens and how can we prevent it?

5. What do you think will happen to the Tier System from this point on? Will it survive? Should it survive?

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