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The truth set them free. But if they don’t return, their society is doomed to repeat its past corruption.

Kate and Eric are elated with their reunion. But exiled in Tier 3, they barely have enough for themselves and their children to survive. And when they discover a heartbreaking group of abandoned kids, they realize they must restore justice to all three Tiers.

Enduring an arduous journey across the wilds, the couple risks everything to inform the people. But with a revolution already brewing in Tier 2, their world may descend into chaos before they have a chance to save it.

Can Kate and Eric create lasting change to a system built on segregation?

Tier 3 is the third and final book in the page-turning Tier science fiction trilogy. If you like fighting for equality, underdog protagonists, and surprising allies, then you’ll love Cindy Gunderson’s thrilling finale. 

Buy Tier 3 to finish the struggle today!

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