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They’re mourning the loss of each other. But reuniting could have fatal consequences.


Kate can’t shake this uneasy feeling. Despite memories of her previous partner dying, her dreams are filled with vivid images of him alive and well. And plagued by sudden debilitating headaches, she can’t help but wonder if her body knows something she doesn’t.


Eric wants to be the dad his son deserves. So though he suffers constant reminders of his wife’s death, he’s forced to play along in a life that feels unfamiliar. But with a new romantic interest on the horizon, he wonders if it’s time to finally move on.


As the truth behind Kate’s illness begins to emerge, she fears someone has broken the fragile social contract. And when an unforeseen benefactor sends Eric information, his faith in the system faces the ultimate test.


Can two forgotten lovers rediscover the relationship their hearts remember?


Tier 2 is the second book in the enthralling Tier science fiction trilogy. If you like strong-willed protagonists, battles for romance, and portraits of societal decay, then you’ll adore Cindy Gunderson’s dystopian story. 

Buy Tier 2 to recall the truth today!

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